Sunday, February 01, 2009

The oobject of my lust

Oobject lists the top Gerry Anderson vehicles. The Captain Scarlet Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV) has to be my favorite. They drove that sucker while facing backwards. OK - I always wanted an RV based on the SHADO 2 Transporter and who could not want to fly in an Eagle transporter but it's the SPV that would satisfy my every dream. Missing from the list are Stingray and Fireball XL5 and all of the Thunderbirds sans deux. But otherwise I'm happy.

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Anonymous said...

You will not be surprised to learn that I possess one of those glorious "Product Enterprise" diecast Eagle transporters. The version that I have has the science module and extra booster rockets, and came with a ground transporter and a "laser tank".

If only it were full scale.

PS I would... well, not KILL, but commit serious moral hazard to acquire a "Hawk" from the same series. Airfix used to make a kit.....