Saturday, July 29, 2006

Boomzilla as a Graph

Created this image of Boomzilla using a cool applet that lets you see the HTML structure of your blog or website as graph. People who have created them for their websites are posting them on Flickr and tagging them websitesasgraphs. Here are a few examples, including CNN, Apple and Yahoo.

The Beast of a Number

....So what you get is a painting, which is a canvas, 30 cm * 30 cm, 4 cm, thick. It's white and it has this blue number number on it. That's it. It's signed, of course, and it has an "up to 19 digits" number on the back, which is sort of a password for that specific number.

...the "value" of a painting, i.e. the full price of a painting, is simply 1000 USD minus the number...the lower the number the more expensive it is...

Number 1 - if it was still available - would go for $999... initally, you just had to pay 10% of this amount. And then, after a 100 paintings are sold, you have to pay 20%, and after another hundred, it's 30%, and so on. And the last hundred numbers that are sold will go for the full price. So, it's a bit like the stock market: The more people buy, the more expensive it gets.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Criss Angel reveals his levitation trick

Check out the video at - Awsome video of Criss demonstrating how he levitates several feet into the air.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Amazon "R" Us and Toys R Us have finally parted ways. Toys R Us has chosen GSI Commerce to provide a new e-commerce platform, and Exel to supply supporting logistics solutions for its new online strategy. On 1 July launched its new Toys & Games and Baby stores which it is running itself, along with selections from Target and eToys. Given the significant problems that Toys R Us has had in the past with fulfilling orders, it’ll be interesting to see how each company fares.