Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Scrappy The Canopy Dog

Announcing the title of my upcoming book: Scrappy The Canopy Dog. No firm publication date yet (as I've not started writing it), however the concept is coming along nicely. The book will chronicle the life and adventures of a scruffy yellow lab living aloft in a rain forest tree canopy. Laugh out loud as Scrappy falls and nearly breaks a leg, howl with laughter as Scrappy eats bananas (skin and all) as his sole source of food, and clap your hands in glee as howler monkey's torment Scrappy every day of his life. And yes, a movie tie-in will be forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

so, no pharmacy is open late to refill those meds you are supposed to keep taking?

Anonymous said...

I'll be first in line on your book tour. :)

Anne said...

Scrappy should have itself a dog canopy too.