Saturday, June 17, 2006

Thoughts for Evan's Graduation

Well, I have three years to prepare for Evan's graduation. Thoughts thus far (based on what I learned during the building of the cable car):
  • Drive-in movie - Large screen on which is projected old 50's movies, concession stand (popcorn, hot dogs, soda etc), car's (real cars cut just behind the front seats, engine removed + other junk necessary to reduce weight).
  • Space Theme - Tall (30 foot+) rocket ship. PCV pipe, white, flexible card (requires no painting), gantry made from PVC pipe.
  • Midway Roller Coaster - Old wooden style coaster on which a small (12inch x 4inch x 3inch) car runs backwards and forwards. Lights, sounds etc.
I think the rocket ship would be straightforwad to build. Gantry is easy, just PVC pipe, fittings and orange paint. Ship framework is PVC pipe and flexible "hoops" around which the white card can be attached. Three stage rocket that is topped off with an escape rocket to remove the crew capsule in case of problems. Fins and engine bells would also be needed.

Time to start lobbying the PTA for one of these themes....

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the drive in movie; we never had them in England - well, can you imagine trying to peer through the rain to see the film?