Saturday, April 08, 2006

Off to

Well it's just about official (as soon as I sign the paperwork and hand in my notice...) that I'm off to On May 1 2006 or thereabouts, I become the VP Platform Operations for the world's largest on-line retail site. So yes - if the site is down or running slow you know where to complain.

Now I have the challange of getting packed, finding somewhere to live (yes -- this will be Seattle, WA based) and moving. Oh joy!


theloniusfunk said...

Congratulations on the move to Amazon.

BTW, not only is there a new Ryuichi Sakamoto remix album out with Sylvian on it, but Scritti Politti is touring the US for the first time (they will be at Slim's). Given your musical tendencies, I figured that was worth mentioning.



Colin Bodell said...

Thanks Z!

I saw the Scritti Politti news. I'm "Green" with envy! Wood bees pray and all that. Looking forward to seeing the show or two(!). Wish Sylvian would tour -- seems very much tied up with his new label.

Drop me a note at cbodell at and let me know what you're up to these days.