Monday, April 10, 2006

Cable Car Update Update!

Continuing to make good progress (although "good" in this context is highly relative). Windows have been cut and trimmed. I wound up using sheets of foam insulation for the curved window trim (window cap?) - made cutting them out very easy (notwithstanding the first drawing of blood...)

You can see in the picture above that the windows trim is in place. The window caps will be glued in place.

I spray-primed the first window cap to ensure it will look OK.
Looks OK to me ;-) Tomorrow the gluing of the window caps and the cutting of windows at the rear of the cable car. Then the painting. And after the painting, the roof!

Oh, and I quit my job today. Kinda anti-climactic as there was no one in the office to accept my resignation. The lady in HR was the unlucky candidate by virtue of being the only person not on vacation this week.

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